Truck Curtaining | Jet 901

PVC coated fabric, with a specially designed topcoat lacquer for digital printing. The excellent mechanical strength is ideal for truck sidecurtains.

The grey coating inside makes the fabric opaque and masks the inside strapping from showing through. It also resists soiling and wear during loading and unloading. Anti-vandalism systems can be attached.

The ink compatible topcoat lacquer gives excellent printing results and is highly receptive to the protective lacquers that cover the printing.


- Technical information -

Base cloth : polyester haute ténacité 1100 dTex – panama 2/2
Coating : PVC – system Lowick
Width : 3,00 m
Weight : 900 g/m²
Colours : face endroit: blanc 7325 / face envers: gris 939
Packaging : rouleau de 35ml / face imprimable intérieure


- Benefits and technologies -



Dickson Coatings’ exclusive coating technology involves totally impregnating the polyester base cloth with PVC. This offers several advantages :

  • excellent weldability of Jet 901 BC using : high frequency, hot air or hot wedge welding without weld seam shrinkage or puckering
  • suppleness: this facilitates handling and installation
  • excellent dimensional stability


JET 901 BC, for digital printing using solvent or UV inks

Dickson Coatings’ experience in graphics technology results in vivid and sparkling colours. To ensure improved protection, we recommend a topcoat lacquer on top of the printing.


JET 901 BC, with a grey reverse side: enhancing decoration

The grey backing prevents any transparency marks from dirt inside the truck curtain.

  • Webbing on the reverse side of the curtain is also invisible. Any colour webbing can, therefore, be used.
  • Longer life with a perfect image


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