Truck roofing, truck curtaining, truck tarpaulin or dump truck covers,
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For the past 50 years, Dickson Coatings has been specialising in coated fabrics designed for truck tarpaulins. Durable and strong: our products are available in a wide variety of colours and widths, ideally suited for all types of manufacturing.




toit applicationsTruck roofing

Coated fabrics suitable for the manufacture of fixed or sliding roofs. Good translucency for excellent light diffusion.

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application_rideaux-300x266Truck curtaining

Very good mechanical strength and suppleness

A 900g/m² fabric printable by digital printing
A 900g/m² fabric offering a wide variety of colours, particularly well suited for advertising with welded PVC film or adhesives.

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savoyardes_applications-300x237Truck tarpaulin

Coated fabrics for truck covers.

Wide range of colours and good mechanical strength.

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couverture_applications-300x264Open top covers


We propose a waterproof fabric (LAC 640) and a mesh (AIR TECH).

Need a specific solution for asphalt dump truck covers? DICKSON COATINGS also offers a unique·silicone coated FLEXITOP·fabric which prevents the asphalt from sticking to the cover.

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