Truck roofing

Coated fabrics for top roofing. Excellent light diffusion

Truck Curtaining

Very good mechanical resistance and suppleness

Truck Tarpaulin

Our DICOPLAN product is ideal for this use and are particularly suitable for welded or adhesive PVC films for advertising.

Open top covers

Tarpaulin, mesh for open carrier roofing and silicone coated fabrics for asphalt transport.

Dickson Coatings,
manufacturer of coated fabrics

made in franceProduct made in france



For the past 50 years, Dickson Coatings has been specialising in coated fabrics designed for truck tarpaulins.

Durable and strong: our products are available in a wide variety of colours and widths, ideally suited for all types of manufacturing.


Cleangard Finish
With advanced technology and a new chemical formulation, the Cleangard® lacquer is the fruit of  deep cooperation between DICKSON’s research laboratory and its customers.
Cleangard® adds a new dimension to our products.


Lowick SYSTEM 
The LOWICK SYSTEM is both a treatment and a process considerably reducing micro-organismpenetration into the heart of coated fabrics.

LOWICK SYSTEM creates on a microscopicscale capillarity blockades throughout the coated fabric, halting migration.